Mahesh BabuOurs is a celebrity-obsessed country. Fans can go to any extent to have a glimpse of their favorite star. And sometimes they don’t even realize that they are creating a nuisance and troubling their idols.

Yesterday, Mahesh Babu flew down to Vijayawada to immerse the ashes of his legendary father cum actor Krishna in the Holy Krishna river.

While he was traveling in his car in Vijaywada, few of his die-hard fans chased his car and stalked him until they had a glimpse of him. Reportedly Mahesh was in a bad shape and was looking heartbroken.

In these testing times, when Mahesh is mourning the death of his beloved father, fans stalking him for a selfie or a glimpse is just not acceptable.

Paparazzi will be already chasing the star vehicles to get a candid picture of the stars, at least the fans must be sensitive enough not to disturb or create any nuisance for their favorites when they are feeling so low. Fans should respect the personal space of the celebs.