Insecure fans attacking Ram CharanMega Powerstar Ram Charan made an impression on the audience across the country with RRR. This is a big moment for Charan who was earlier ridiculed in the North for his performance in Zanjeer.

Two days ago, Ram Charan wished Tamil people on the occasion of Tamil New Year. Today, he wished Malayali people on the occasion of Vishu.

On both occasions, he wrote the wishes their his native language.

This did not go well with some people. They have been badmouthing Charan for behaving like a Pan-India star already.

Some say RRR has gone into his head. Some say he is throwing tantrums like a Pan-India star. Some feel he is trying to butter Tamil and Malayalam audiences for his next film with Shankar.

Obviously, a film with Shankar is the best bet to impress the Tamil and Malayali audiences.

Among the people who are criticizing Ram Charan are also fans of Allu Arjun.

Any star in the place of Charan would try to increase his popularity in the other states. It is quite natural and nothing wrong.

NTR would do the same for #NTR30 and Allu Arjun would do the same for Pushpa 2.

As of now, their frustration seems more like jealousy of Ram Charan’s current popularity.