salman khan INR 15 crore set for Salman Khan's 'Kick'
The makers of Kick are leaving no stones unturned as they are pumping in INR 15 crore for a set to recreate Delhi in the film. It is being said the the major portion of the film will be shot in this set, which they makers want to be as original as possible.

The film, which is the remake of Telugu film of the same name, also features Jacqueline Fernandez opposite Salman. The film got delayed in between because Salman Khan had to attend court with respect to the hit-and-run case he was involved in.

Salman Khan has already locked next year Eid for the release of Kick, and one wonders if the film will be as big hit as its original. The Telugu version of Kick still remains the biggest hit in Ravi Teja’s career.