Induvadana TeaserThe teaser of actor Varun Sandesh’s comeback movie, Induvadana is out. It starts as a regular love story set in the backdrop of the forest but ends with an unexpected twist.

Varun Sandesh made a successful entry into Telugu cinema with Happy Days. He followed it with another huge blockbuster and settled as a hero for a long time before taking a break. He is back again after a gap with Induvadana.

The teasing posters and single from Induvadana have made a mark so far. Now, we have a glimpse of the actual content from the movie. It looks like a love story between a forest officer and a tribal girl. Similar stories have come in the past, but here there is a twist in the tale. We have to wait for the trailer to get a better idea, though.

The casting looks perfect for Induvadana. The pair of Varun Sandesh and Farnaz Shetty are fine. similarly, a gang is there to handle comedy which is also an essential element in films like these.

Check out the trailer below. Shiva Kakani provides the music for Induvadana, whereas MSR directs it. Satish Aketi gives the story and dialogues for the unique entertainer. Madhavi Adurti produces the flick on Sri Balaji Pictures banner.