Industry only supports bad films: Ramaraju

Director Ramaraju of Mallela Theeram Lo Sirimalle is extremely upset with how the industry has received his film and after great difficulty, his film released in 4 theatres last Friday. He says it’s not because of Yamudu 2 that his film didn’t get wider release but because industry doesn’t want to support good cinema.

Neither the distributors nor the theatre owners show any importance to films with values. Nobody wants to release a film with values. All that they want is to attract audience with filth in the name of item numbers and cheap dialogues.

He says the industry forces you to spice up your film. A clean film with new faces will seldom find a taker and it’s the same even with satellite rights. He says we can’t change the way how we function, but can definitely allow some leeway.

One of the reasons why Telugu films never get nominated to any international film festivals is because most of the good films either never release or get limited release.Khushi-Rajput-Spicy-Stills