Industry Crisis Is Temporary: NTREverybody knows that NTR is a great orator, and he displayed his oratory skills at the Bimbisara pre-release event again. He graced the event in the presence of thousands of fans this evening.

NTR said that despite knowing the script of Bimbisara in and out, he was spellbound when he watched the movie. He thanked the entire team of the film, including the DOP Chota K Naidu and music director MM Keeravani, for making Bimbisara such a great experience. He praised director Vassishta to the skies and said that this young director is a talent to watch out for in the future.

NTR pointed out that people are saying there is a slump in the Tollywood industry as the audience is not turning up at the theaters to watch any movie. But he said he doesn’t believe in this theory and feels that the crisis is temporary. He said the audience is ready to shower their love on well-made and exciting films. And Bimbisara is going to be one of them.

NTR added that Kalyanram’s career would be defined as ‘Before Bimbisara and After Bimbisara’ after the release of this film. He said no one could have played Bimbisara better than Kalyanram.

While concluding his speech, NTR said the Nandamuri fans are the only wealth he wants, so he requested that his fans return safely to their homes.