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Trailer Talk: Another Trilogy

INDRASENA Trailer Vijay AntonyMusic director turned actor, Vijay Antony has been making a silent wave of sorts. He is silently doing films with strong content which look like a continuation of one another.

He has done five films so far where the first three set is considered as part of a trilogy. It started with Naan and ended with Pichaikkaran (Bichagadu in Telugu). Post-Bichagadu’s massive success he has come with Shaitan and Yaman. Once again, looking at the trailer of Annadurai (Indrasena in Telugu), it seems like the actor is setting up another trilogy of sorts. The trailer on its own appears repetitive, but with good voice over. However, when looked at it as a part of a bigger theme set, it might hold some appeal.

Check out the trailer below. G Srinivasan directs Indrasena. It will be a December release according to the makers. The last two films were disappointing, let’s see if Vijay Antony manages to impress as Indrasena.


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