Indirect But Powerful Opponent For KGF2The makers of KGF 2 had already announced that the film will be arriving in theatres on the 14th of April next year. Given the anticipation surrounding the project, it is expected to get off to a flying start in the domestic and overseas market alike. The smashing success of KGF has attained a whole lot of buzz to KGF 2 in the Hindi market as well.

Now, KGF 2 is set to face an indirect yet mightily powerful opponent in the form of Laal Singh Chaddha. The makers of the Aamir Khan starrer have announced that the film will be releasing on the 14th of April, the same day as KGF 2.

Laal Singh Chaddha is an adaption of Hollywood classic Forrest Gump. The film has a winning plot that has what it takes to pull the A centre, and family audience to the theatres. Pair Aamir Khan’s image with a promising plot and we have ourselves a sure shot winner.

On the other hand, KGF 2 is a proper mass feast that caters to the masses and the galleries. It will pull action lovers in big numbers. So, there might not be a direct clash between KGF 2 and Laal Singh Chaddha as they cater to different sections of audiences. We need to wait till these films release in order to determine the winner of this highly intriguing clash.