India’s Costliest Locked, Mindboggling Budget For Prabhas21It was only recently we talked if Prabhas21 could be India’s costliest film by beating 2.0? Well, we have got an answer now. The producer of the film C Ashwini Dutt has himself confirmed a figure.

Yes, so it can be said officially now that Prabhas21 would be India’s costliest movie. The producer of the film C Ashwini Dutt has revealed that 450 Cr is the minimum budget for the epic. It is the starting point, and the final number could go anywhere (500 Cr or 600 Cr or more). It will all come down to the money spent on the technical departments (graphics, visual effects, and music etc.)

Ashwini Dutt, who produces Prabhas21 on Vyjayanthi Movies banner, also revealed that it will be a mixture of different genres and is something never seen before in Indian cinema. It will be sci-fi, period, historical etc. elements in the narrative. He did not divulge anything else, as the movie is yet to take off.

Continuing in the same breath, Ashwini Dutt said that the shooting of Prabhas21 would begin from January 21. It will require twelve to thirteen months to finish the talkie part. Later, the unit will need an additional four months for post-production. Finally, the plan is to release Prabhas21 by June 2021.

Prabhas21 stars Deepika Padukone in the female lead. The legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan plays the key central figure in the narrative. We will know more about the rest of the cast and crew in the coming weeks. Watch this space for more details.