Anti Tobacco Warnings On OTTOfficials sources have indicated that Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms might soon be mandated to include anti-tobacco warnings and disclaimers similar to those seen in movies and television programs.

The reports suggest that the Health Ministry is going to order the OTT platforms will be obligated to show anti-tobacco health spots of at least 30 seconds at the beginning and middle of the program if they display tobacco products or their use.

Additionally, a prominent static message warning about the health risks of tobacco use should be displayed at the bottom of the screen when tobacco products are shown, along with a 20-second audio-visual disclaimer about the harmful effects of tobacco use at the start and middle of the program.

It is strange that extreme violence, obscene sex scenes, and vulgar language are allowed without any censorship in web series, but smoking tobacco is making the health ministry worried. Violence and vulgarity are more harmful than showing someone smoking a cigarette, as they can create a very bad impression on the young minds of India.