Indian Idol Telugu Episode 2Indian Idol Telugu on Aha Video OTT kick-started in a grand manner on Saturday. We have seen four interesting performances on the first day and the second episode is also a mix of fun, entertainment, and music.

Participant 1: Vaishnavi from Nellore
She crooned Aww Tuzo Mogh Korta from the film 1 Nenokkadine.

Participant 2: Vagdevi from Nellore
She crooned Laahe Laahe song from the film Acharya.

Both Vaidehi and Vaishnavi are sisters. The Indian Idol team named them ViVa sisters. Vagdevi impressed everyone at one go when compared to Vaishnavi. The judges initially asked who among the two is deserving of the Golden Mike. Controlling her tears, Vagdevi told that both of them should get it. After putting a little drama, the judges announced that both the sisters are eligible to go to the next round.

Thaman also commented that he will introduce Vagdevi’s voice to Mani Sharma.

Participant 3: Lalasa
She has come to India from the USA only to learn to sing.

She crooned Aanathineeyara song from the film Swathi Kiranam. The judges promoted her to the next round and also appreciated that her performance is the best so far in the singing show. She received Golden Mike.

Participant 4 – Manish
He is bought on the stage only to create some entertainment. Manish crooned Naatu Naatu from RRR and even danced on the stage to evoke some laughs. The judges, however, did not promote him to the next round.

Participant 5 – Maruthi
Maruthi took a lot of part-time jobs to excel in singing. He worked hard and reached this stage. He crooned Jaago from Srimanthudu and received the golden ticket.

Participant 6 – Jayanth Madhur
Jayanth Madhur crooned Naire Naire from Andhrawala first. Everyone except Thaman enjoyed it. Thaman then asked him to sing something else after which he sang Undiporadhey that impressed everyone. He received the golden ticket too.

Funny Moment of the episode — Manish’s Dance performance

M9News Take:
Compared to the first episode, the second episode is much better. What looks completely artificial is the team bringing contestants only to create some fun which is going overboard. Other than that, everything looks fine. The judges can be a little more natural while giving their feedback too.

Our Best Moment of the Episode: Performance of ViVa sisters