Indian Couple Charged with Prostitution of ActressesAccording to a report in the Chicago Tribune, an Indian decent couple by names Kishan Modugumudi and Chandra Modugumudi have been running a high-end prostitution racket in Chicago by luring actresses from Tollywood and involving them in the flesh trade.

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The US authorities have run an operation on the couple and finally made unsealed federal charges against the couple along with pieces of evidence of the victims and the clients who were involved in the prostitution racket. Federal authorities had discovered ledgers in which Chandra Modugumudi kept records of the victims (actresses) and the clients (NRIs who had sex with actresses).

Actresses came to the US for the sake of attending events and then this couple either lured them or threatened them to make them do the sexual favours for their clients. They are in the police custody and their two kids are in the custody of child welfare officials in Virginia. The names of actresses involved weren’t revealed and they are only mentioned as victims in the federal charges.

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