India Businesses Most Bullish on Embracing Digital Ways of Working

In today’s Information Age, digital is the way to go – and businesses in the Asia Pacific and Middle East know this best. In its recent study, Cognizant experts said businesses in the two regions “are entering the next phase of relationship with technology.”

Research for the Cognizant Center for The Future of Work study, titled “The Work Ahead: Asia Drives Digital’s Future,” showed “businesses in APAC and the Middle East have reached a point of clarity in terms of the real purpose of digital tools and made great strides in understanding what the human-machine balance of work should be.”

Digital accelerates not only work, but also entertainment – even gaming

India businesses are growing faster with digital acceleration. The Cognizant study noted that nearly 12 percent of the total revenue from its Indian sample are from digital channels, which is also the highest among its neighbors in Asia Pacific.

“By the end of 2023, they aim to take their digital-driven revenues to 17%,” said Manish Bahl, author of the Cognizant Work Ahead study.

The results of the Cognizant study are not surprising – India, after all, has been on a digital-first trajectory for the past couple of years. Sectors including manufacturing, education, healthcare, government services, as well as the energy sector have been moving towards digitalization, which, in turn, calls for faster and reliable internet speed.

The average consumer, on the other hand, is relying on digital tools to keep up with their often-used platforms particularly in today’s pandemic world – from checking out the latest movie news and entertainment updates to updating their social media platforms, and even playing with family and friends on casual game platforms.

Teen Patti, other India card games get digital boost

Speaking of games, India’s original social games Teen Patti and Rummy have registered a dramatic growth in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic. Saurabh Aggarwal, CEO of Octro Inc., told The Indian Express their Teen Patti real cash game saw 800 percent growth last year, while Indian Rummy experienced a 150 percent growth in terms of player deposits.

“I think Social Gaming has increased considerably on the back of better smartphones, digital connectivity and digital payments,” Aggarwal said. “I believe the [Indian] market is at the point where we will continuously see exponential growth.”

Teen Patti, along with Andar Bahar and Rummy, are considered “the anchors of casual Indian entertainment.” As noted by a recent ENV Media report, “Such traditional card games have heavily influenced the local mobile gaming industry and social networks, with their demand and acceptance not likely to decrease.

There are certain Western games with an Indian touch which are quite well accepted. But Indians love desi games first and foremost. These are “family” games that can be played and enjoyed with people of all age groups and players think little whether to engage in paid sessions if they like the game… Teen Patti, Rummy and Andar Bahar are truly a golden cash cow when it comes to running a quality service dedicated to the Indian online gaming market.”

Press release by: Indian Clicks, LLC