Natural star Nani is one actor who silently got himself noticed with some good flicks coming his way and nice performances from his side. But suddenly his graph started falling down starting from ‘ Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu’. After YVM, Krishna Vamshi’s ‘Paisa’ and Yash Raj Films’ ‘Aaha Kalyanam’ disappointed the audiences and three back to back flops did a lot of damage to his career. Presently Nani has his hopes pinned on ‘Jendapai Kapiraju’. But the film’s release has got postponed many times. Luck seems to have stopped smiling on Nani aka Naveen Babu Ghanta.

There is a fresh news making rounds regarding Nani that he is going to pair up with Maruti. There is no need to give any introduction to Maruti because as a film maker, Maruti earned humungous dark image for making indecent films. Though Maruti tried his best to come out of the indecent image, all efforts went in vain because he couldn’t choose a solid subject to erase the black mark on him. On the contrary, Nani has a decent image and is considered a natural star in Tollywood. Nani-Maruti combo seems to be very odd. Series of flops in Nani’s career might have provoked him to accept Maruti’s project. Can the indecent mark of Maruti help Nani to go back to form once again?