NayantharaSouth lady superstar Nayanthara is giving quite some task to the minds of curiosity on what is going on with her as she is going on making couple appearances with her bae at the popular temples down the South.

When the pictures of her first appearance with boyfriend at the temple in all traditional manner people thought it is for her preparation for the upcoming devotional film, Amman where she plays the titular godly role, but as more pictures from some more temples have been coming out, people started to think there must surely be something about the preparation for her wedding with her live-in boyfriend, director Vignesh.

Why should she do this with him if it is not for a wedding? Or is she that greatly wanting to involve herself in devotion in prep of her role? For what a performer she is, who has turned into a vegetarian for this film, these visits wouldn’t have built curiosity to this extent if there wasn’t Vignesh accompanying her. But now people can smell something fishy.