The Government of Andhra Pradesh had reportedly given a go ahead for the long awaited ticket price hike. While the Government spared the lower class audience, the ticket price for the higher class in Air cooled theaters is now reportedly increased from 60 to 75. The Government had also allowed theater managements to hike the ticket prices to 100 on Fridays, Saturdays Sundays and other festival days. A new G.O. will be issued regarding the same very soon and the new system will come in to force from Sankranthi season. It was told that the pressure of producers like Allu Aravind and Dil Raju through Chiranjeevi had worked on the Government.

On the other hand, small movie producers are worried about this new price structure. Also there is an impending threat of increase in piracy which may arise, it has to be seen how it is tackled.

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