NTR Is Turning the Best TV hostThe Saturday and Sunday episodes of ‘Big Boss’ have entered the must watch list of many of the households in the Telugu States and Telugu people across the world. The reason is the host. NTR is proving to be a unique host with his versatility.

NTR was seen entirely enjoying himself and entertaining the audiences in the last night’s episode dancing with the housemates. More than the participants, it was NTR who enjoyed the ‘Horror Musical Chairs’ game, dancing for the tunes and taking the game into his control.

The flow of the game show is unanimous because of NTR’s presence in the weekend episodes. His sense of humor is a big revelation to the audiences. He is turning out to be the best among the celebrity hosts and needles to say, the reason for the high TRPs during the weekends is because of NTR’s mesmerizing persona as a host. Good going!