Important Questions Behind Rajamouli's Angry TweetsThe usually very cool SS Rajamouli took to his Twitter account and vented his anger on Delhi Airport. He rued over the lack of facilities at the Airport of the National Capital. The tweets have gone viral on social media with people voicing similar concerns about airport maintenance from their own experiences.

“Dear @DelhiAirport, arrived at 1 AM by Lufthansa flight. Forms were given to fill for the RT PCR test. All the passengers are sitting on the floors or propping against the walls to fill the forms. Not a pretty sight. Providing tables is a simple service,” he tweeted.

In another tweet, he added, “And surprised to find so many stray dogs in the hangar outside the exit gate. Again not a great first impression of India for the foreigners. Please look into it. Thank you…”. While all this aside, the major discussion is where did Rajamouli go. We know that RRR’s last schedule began only recently.

Lufthansa is an international airline. Rajamouli may have gone to some other country and has returned. That means he is out of the country for at least four-five days. Where did Rajamouli go when the crucial schedule of RRR is going on? Is the shooting put on hold or someone is handling it in Rajamouli’s absence? are some of the questions asked.