Nara Chandra Babu Naidu is all set to swear in as the first Chief Minister of the new Andhra Pradesh state. The day draws extreme importance in the history of the state as the bifurcation left the state with out a proper capital and sufficient budget to carry out the operations. In the wake of all these problems, Seema Andhra region heavily relies on the most experienced politician of the state, Chandra Babu to deliver things.

After 10 years of opposition, Chandra Babu is given one more chance and there are super expectations on the leader to deliver. Also there is an atmosphere in the state where people expect both development and welfare activities which can not coexist especially when you have a deficit budget.

But given the 10 years of experience in opposition, Chandra Babu can not leave out welfare activities and at the same time, history will not leave him if development is neglected. So, as the clock strikes 7.27 PM today, Chandra Babu and Seema Andhra will begin the most important five years of their lives. All the best!!