Immatured Analysis: Kamma & Kapu Behind RRR US Numbers!SS Rajamouli has delivered yet another success at the box office. It has come as a disappointment for many who have been waiting for the director to score a flop.

But this time, the naysayers are struggling to come in terms with that. They are trying to downplay the success of the movie in all languages.

Some are coming with ridiculous arguments that Kammas and Kapus have joined hands for the sake of NTR and Ram Charan and are propelling hyped numbers for the film.

They even go to the extent of saying Prabhas and Mahesh Babu fans are helping them due to Baahubali and #SSMB29. But this comes as an illogical and immature argument.

The movie is having a sensational run in other languages where Kammas and Kapus do not exist. For an instance, the movie has entered into the Prestigious 100 Crore Nett at the Hindi Box Office.

It is going great guns in Tamil and Malayalam as well. If their heart burn could not agree the movie success, RRR Hindi version is doing very well at US Box Office where there is reliable tracking.

The movie’s Hindi version has grossed around 1.4 Million Dollars in US. Given that Hindi ticket prices are very less compared to Telugu tickets, just imagine the footfalls it have got there.

It’s high time these immature analysis stop and enjoy the success a Telugu film is getting across the globe and probably, wait for Rajamouli to score a flop in future.

Most importantly this is worst possible scenario to evoke Kamma and Kapu stories.