Imitation of Pawan Kalyan just for fun

Actor Nagababu is all set to imitate his younger brother Pawan Kalyan in his upcoming film “Choosinodiki Choosinantha”, but he says that he is doing just to entertain audiences and therefore should be taken in the right spirit by all the fans of powerstar.

He said that he agreed to do the role because since he and Pawan share a family bond and audiences won’t mind if he would do it instead of some other actor. Audience may get sensitive if someone else tries to crack jokes on power star. In the film, Nagababu will even don the same look of Pawan Kalyan in Attarintiki Daaredhi. In fact, even his character is named after Gautam Nanda, the role essayed by Pawan in the film.

Nagababu also confirmed that they are not doing this cash in on the success of AD, because he strongly believes a film is evaluated based on its content and not always on its stars.