Harish Shankar Dil raju

Harish Shankar says that his characterization is based on the proverb ‘I’m the sum of all i have met’. He says he designs his characters based on people he meets and has met in day-to-day life. He says he doesn’t create a frame-to-frame copy of a character he meets in real life, but draws characteristic traits and introduces to his in the film.

He says NTR’s character is inspired by the spirit of a college-goer. In fact, NTR plays a college student in the film, but doesn’t really sit in the classroom and attend classes. He says he wanted to show the youthfulness of the character, and therefore, he made NTR go to college.

He says when he takes inspiration from real characters, it helps him to keep the originality in his characters. He wants audiences to connect with the soul of his characters, but not merely look at the them as some actors on screen.