I'm Still The Heroine of the Film - Kajal AggarwalKajal Agarwal is playing the elder sister role alongside Vishnu Manchu in ‘Mosagallu’. Though it might seem that she is doing a sister role in the movie after marriage, the reality is that she accepted the movie before her wedding.

So, it’s not that marriage made her accept the role as this was the movie that she signed before marriage but is releasing after her wedding. It’s the story of a brother and a sister. Kajal said in an interview, “I’m still the heroine of the film and so what if I’m someone’s sister?”

Even according to Manchu Vishnu, Kajal Agarwal’s character is more prominent compared to his role as her brother and Bollywood star Sunil Shetty’s role as a cop. Now, is the time that heroines must choose different roles and be ready for experiments.

At the pre-release event, Manchu Vishnu compared their roles to the lead roles in ‘Game of Thrones’ where the brother and the sister are the lead pair. Hopefully, the dynamics of the perception of a heroine’s role will change in the coming days and the female lead doesn’t mean a girl dancing around the trees with the male lead.