Naga Shourya, Oka Manasu, mega hungama, Niharika, Naga Shourya movies, Mega family, Konidela Niharika, Rama Raju Gottimukkala, Sunil KashyapYoung hero Naga Shourya is definitely not in in a mood to ‘upset the apple-cart’ and hence seems to have come into terms with the fact that mega daughter Niharika obviously will hog the limelight for ‘Oka Manasu’ because it is her debut movie and she is the first girl from mega family to break the traditional mindset.

He says, “I’m not in secure”, speaking about the kind of attention Niharika is demanding by her presence during the promotional interviews. The young hero even added, “Why should the hero get all the attention? And it’s good if my heroine is talked about.”

He thinks it’s good for the film that mega daughter is getting a lot of attention. It’s true that if it had been any other heroine, the film wouldn’t have got such hype. But, initially Naga Shourya looked as if he came to promote the movie by force. Both of them are actors and at the end of the day, it’s the film’s success that matters.