Pawan Kalyan farmer

The success of Pawan Kalyan’s Attarintki Daaredhi doesn’t belong to him, neither to the director or producer, but to the audiences who made the film a blockbuster. At the Thank You meet of AD, Pawan said that AD wouldn’t have been success had it not been for his fans. He said they are his power and with their support he can do anything in this world and not worry about anything. Pawan said he will be dead without his fans, who have showering their love on him for several years now.

Pawan said that he was not interested in cinema, and was keen on being a farmer. But he said he was forced to get into cinemas, and even though he didn’t enjoy it, he went on to do films until he was satisfied for the first time with Tholi Prema. He said that film gave him lot of satisfaction and also piqued the actor in him to do more films.

He said the next film was AD because he loved it more than any of his own films. He says even when Gabbar Singh turned out to be a blockbuster, he didn’t organize a success meet to thank his fans. But having witnessed the support he received for AD even in the most trying times, Pawan decided to organize a success meet specially to thank his fans.