I'm a human with flaws: Dhanush
In a rare confession about his personality, actor Dhanush opened up about himself on his Twitter page today. What lead to such confession from Dhanush? Was there something bothering him from a long time? Was he offended by someone?

I come across lot of people who judge me. All I have to say is I’m neither good nor bad. I’m as normal and grey as anyone could get. I have my flaws as a human.but I’m loyal and faithful to my work and fans. Every shot I act I try and give my best, rest shouldn’t and doesn matter. I act my best in front of the camera but I will never act off camera. I will be myself. Good bad or ugly.

Dhanush seems to be upset about something. He seems to be using the platform to vent out his aggression. We wonder what might have bothered him so much.