Illayaraja's new year plans

April 14 happens to be Tamil New Year, and on this auspicious day maestro Illayaraja is busy working. If not dedication, what do you call this? Even on festival day, Raja will be busy composing the background score for Prakash Raja’s film Ulavacharu Biryani. He said that he had promised Prakash Raj to complete work on the film as soon as possible.

Known as one of the legendary composers of India, Raja admits with humility that he hasn’t achieved anything mighty in his career. He said he has only been playing with the seven swaras of music and that could be done by anybody with some music knowledge. He says there’s nothing great about it because there are many who have invented new music notes and have not been credited for their work. He said they are the true achievers and they deserve to be in the limelight.

Looks like Illayaraja is an example of how a true superstar should behave and maintain a low profile.