Anasuya Strong Message to Cyber BulliesAnchor Anasuya getting irritated about netizens comments and firing on them has become a common thing on social media. She fired on a netizen once again during a recent live chat she did on the occasion of her birthday.

One of the netizens advised her to wear decent dresses suitable for a mother of two kids. Irritated, Anasuya spat fire on him asking him to behave and questioned him who he was to comment on her dress.

She fired, “I’ll remove your clothes today. What do you know about motherhood? Can you ever become a mother in your life? What right do you have to comment on my clothes?”

Yes, it’s up to mothers to decide their clothes, and she has all the right to live life her way. In Anasuya’s words, if one doesn’t like the way others’ dress, they can just stay away instead of interfering.

No one has the right to decide for others. But, it’s true that it’s an impossible task to stop social media trolls who think they can speak as they like and be judgemental. It’s also true that Anasuya wouldn’t keep quiet when somebody tries to objectify her.