Ileana's Shocking Sex LessonsIt is not uncommon for Indian actresses to talk about sex. A few female celebrities have no inhibitions in this regard. One of them is glamour queen Ileana.

In her latest interview with a media portal, Ileana made a very interesting and attention grabbing comment in the context of having sex.

“I enjoy having sex. I have sex as a workout. I think you should enjoy sex of course. But for me, I think there should be some amount of emotion attached to the sex,” Ileana said.

The actress went on to say that sex is fantastic when you’re in love as it will enhance the bonding between the two individuals.

Ileana’s comments are now going viral on Twitter and understandably so, given the attention grabbing nature of the topic, and on top of it, Ileana’s utterly honest statement.

On the work front, the actress is no more active in Tollywood. She is occasionally bagging a Hindi film or two and that’s about it. But she often sets social media on fire with her sensuous snaps and Instagram stories.