Ileana-D'CruzNowadays, we can clearly see that Ileana is opening up much better than she used to be. It’s quite understood that she broke up with her long-time Australian beau, photographer Andrew Kneebone with whom she seemed to have a live-in relationship.

Post her breakup, Ileana opened up about her opinion on love and sex in a chat show. Clarifying on her earlier opinion that sex is like a workout for her, Ileana explained that without love sex means nothing and it has got to have some emotion.

When there is love, sex is like the communion of two souls. So, sex is fantastic when someone is in love, said Ileana in a recent chat show ‘The Love, Laugh and Live’.

That’s quite a revelation from the actress who used to talk about her insecurities when she first came to the industry as an actress.

According to her, she gets extremely shy when she approaches a guy. She makes herself feel awkward because she says stupid things and hence, she calls her extremely difficult and awkward.