IlaiyaraajaIlayaraja is not only known for his miraculous work in music, but also has made news with his attitude and the incidents of him sending legal notices at various instances claiming his music was being used at events without permission.

Now the musician came into news again while getting into the nerves of a security officer who was serving water to the singers on stage at an event held on occasion of his 76th birthday celebration.

Ilayaraja called the security guy on stage and argued why he was disturbing the singers back on stage claiming that the audience who paid to watch the event are distributed with his act.

The security man tried to explain that the singers asked for water out of thirst and he was providing the it for them. But the angry Ilayaraja yelled at him until the security person said sorry and fell on his feet in front of hundreds of audience. The video clip of the same is going viral on the internet with people debating, if what Raja did was right or wrong.