Iisha enjoys shooting on the banks of Godavari

It’s a rarity nowadays to see a Telugu film being shot against the backdrop of Godavari. Very few filmmakers such as Vamsi use Godavari as a backdrop in their films. Actress Iisha Chawla, who was last seen in Mr. Pellikoduku feels lucky to have recently shot for a song against beautiful Godavari backdrop. She says she loved the greenery and atmosphere of the place.

Iisha is shooting with Allari Naresh for a Telugu film and the film’s unit is shooting near Godavari. Iisha says that besides the serene atmosphere around the place, she’s also enjoying the aura the place generates which she feels is very positive and motivating.

Iisha is also glad that her career is shaping well after she decided the change the spelling of her name and added an extra I. She says she doesn’t blindly believe in numerology, but has strong faith in it.