If You Go To Media, You Will Be Banned: Manchu VishnuIt is known that Manchu Vishnu recently won as the MAA president. He has started his regime. Today, he announced changes to the bylaws pertaining to MAA that will be coming to effect immediately.

“MAA is a family. The film fraternity members are like family members. If anyone has any problem they should take it up with MAA. If they act as they wish and get media involved, they shall not be entertained,” Vishnu said.

Adding further, Vishnu said “If any of the film personalities create a ruckus in front of the media, their case will be taken up by the MAA disciplinary committee. If found guilt, they will be suspended and banned effective immediately. If they have a problem, they should speak with MAA members and not the media.”

“Also, only those who have been life members for over 5 years shall be permitted to contest in the elections. If they were ever suspended or shared any antisocial posts against MAA in the period, they shall be deemed unfit for candidadture.” Vishnu went on to state that there shall be no exemptions in this regard and everyone should mandatorily follow these new bylaws without fail.