If You Ask About Him, I Will Walkout Warns The Actress She is one of the beautiful actresses down the South. She is yet to taste proper success but is reasonably busy. The bubbly actress is linked to a hero of another industry who has had many failed relationships in the past.

It is all over the internet but the actress still doesn’t want to talk about it. She is in the city for the promotions of a film and has set a condition for the makers of that movie.

“I am not in a mood of controversy. I have nothing to talk about it now. I will walk away right when someone asks about it,” the actress told them. The makers have a scary time pleading with media personnel not to ask the question.

The team also lined up promotional activities with National media. But it is obviously not easy to control everyone. However, it is important to have her promotions since she is a big face for the film.

Something the actresses should understand is that it is easy not to get into such issues than preventing people from talking about it.