renu desai and pawan kalyan lifeBesides the filmy updates and rumours, the most talked about thing in Tollywood circles and cine goers are the tweets of Renu Desai these days. Sometimes even her normal tweets get connected to powerstar Pawan Kalyan as if by default. We can understand the pain she undergoes when she is targetted unnecessarily connecting everything to Pawan.

There are many who sympathise with Renu Desai whenever she gets vandalised morally by the social media maniacs who think that they have the right to become judges and pronounce judgement on others. Her latest statement on twitter reveals that she talks with Pawan everyday ,”We may be separated, but that doesn’t stop us from being parents to our two kids — Akira Nandan and Aadhya. Pawan and I are still good friends and we talk almost every day. He knows everything about what’s happening in my life.”

That’s really very nice. But if Renu talks with Pawan almost everyday, then why did she give the interview on her birthday? She would have talked and asked Pawan the same questions directly and the things she revealed on the interview. Renu was emotional when she asked how she can go back to Pawan, the person who moved on and already married to someone else. Somewhere she started missing the sympathy she garnered after the interview whenever she was wrongly targetted by judgemental twiterratis.