If Producer Can Invest 300 Cr Like for Rajamouli, I Can Prove - VN Aditya“If given an opportunity, with one film, I can beat any Trivikram and Rajamouli,” was the statement of director VN Aditya speaking about the comparisons made between him and his contemporaries like Trivikram Srinivas and Rajamouli.

If someone can risk a huge amount as much as Rs. 300 crores on his head like producers are doing for Rajamouli, he thinks he can prove himself. ‘Manasantha Nuvve’ and ‘Nenunnaanu’ are his career’s biggest hits and he couldn’t continue the successful journey as his later outings were pretty much washouts.

According to the director, writers can do their job best if they remain writers instead of turning directors like Koratala Siva or Trivikram. He took the example of Trivikram as a writer for director Vijaya Bhaskar’s films and how Trivikram had to limit himself after turning director as he had to think about the budget, the hero among other things. Aditya thinks most of the films coming these days are run out of the mill kind of films and there isn’t much novelty. In the recent times, Aditya is not seen much as a filmmaker and one has to see if he bounces back with something novel.