If-I'm-Afraid,-Why-Would-Others-Send-Their-Daughters---ArjunSenior actor Arjun’s daughter Aishwarya Arjun chose to become an actress and it has been five years since she is doing films. When he responded about the casting couch in the industry, he sounded very sensible. “Why should I feel afraid of the industry in which I have been working for the past 38 years?”

Arjun further added, “If I am afraid, how would others send their daughters into the industry?” It’s a sensible question and he observed that bad opinion on the film industry has been very common but casting couch exists everywhere in every industry. Good and bad co-exist and it’s up to the individual to choose between them said Arjun.

If one decides on the path one wants to travel, there wouldn’t be any going back. But, if someone wants to take the right path, there will be no one to deter them. This was Arjun’s viewpoint on casting couch in the film industry. “This is my industry and I’ve been here so long. So, why should I be afraid?” Just the right kind of attitude.