If Allu Arjun Sneezes, Mega Fans Get Fever!All is not well between Allu Arjun and Mega fans. A section of mega fans have been sidelining Allu Arjun for a while now. Now, Allu Arjun has triggered the mega fan base with his latest tweet.

Allu Arjun shared a snap of him with Allu Ramalingaiah in the background. “ Our Foundation” he captioned the photo.

Mega fans and Chiranjeevi’s fans in particular are triggered by this tweet. They are fuming on Allu Arjun for calling Allu Ramalingaiah his foundation and not Chiranjeevi.

“You(Allu Arjun), on multiple occasions in the past, said Chiranjeevi laid the foundation for your career. The only reason why you have a career as an actor today is because of Chiranjeevi. Now that you got some fame you are changing your attitude,” a section of mega fans comment on Twitter.

They are even sharing old videos of Allu Arjun praising Chiru and saying the latter is the reason why he could become an actor. Mega fans are clearly triggered with Allu Arjun calling Ramalingaiah the foundation and not Chiranjeevi.

In response, Allu fans say “Logically it was Allu Ramalingaiah who noticed Chiru and backed him initially until boss proved himself. So foundation Chiru veyyale.” “Mega fans are always crying on Allu Arjun. They get fever when Allu Arjun sneezes. They are so very obsessed with him.”

Allu Arjun’s tweet has sparked a heated conversation between Mega and Allu fans.

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