Idhi Maraname: Only Charan Fans Gunapaatalu To ChiruEven Mega fans themselves aren’t too pleased with Acharya, or at least that is what the social media conversation involving Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi’s fans implies.

A section of Ram Charan’s fans are urging Chiru to stop getting involved with Charan’s script selection. “Chiru is still in 90s mindset. Charan should stop accepting projects just for obligatory reasons. The latest example of Chiru messing up Charan’s plans is Acharya. This failure should solely be attributed to Chiru,” an ardent fan of Ram Charan commented.

Chiranjeevi’s fans are reacting with as much vigour. “Chiru was the one who set up Magadheera, Rangasthalam, and RC15 for Charan. First and foremost, Charan is nothing without Chiranjeevi. Stop complaining about Chiru over just 1 flop,” they say.

It is evident that Acharya’s result has irked mega fans big time. But not many expected Charan’s fans to attack Chiranjeevi. They appear to be upset with Charan losing steam with Acharya after RRR’s blockbuster success.