iddari-lokam-okkate-releasing-tomorrow-all-hopes-on-dil-rajuRaj Tarun and Shalini Pandey’s ‘Iddari Lokam Okkate‘ is releasing tomorrow and it’s a crucial film for the hero in every sense. Here, more than the hero, all hopes are vested on producer Dil Raju as the film is coming from his compound.

Nevertheless, even Dil Raju’s judgment proved not to be very good recently that his previous couple of films didn’t fare well at the box-office even after high praise from him before the release.

For this current release, Dil Raju held special screenings and trying to promote the movie with the help of select audiences, i.e., the youth who loved the love story. They have been promoting the movie.

At this point in career after a controversy, getting a release from Dil Raju’s compound is in itself a miracle for Raj Tarun. He needs to deliver a hit and hope that the same warmth the trailer left with us will be there in the movie, as well.

Remember, Dil Raju said that the makers selected Shalini Pandey as she was in hits with ‘Arjun reddy’, ‘118’ and ‘Mahanati’ and hoped some of her lady luck would rub on the hero, even? Let’s see.