I'd-Rather-a-Guy-Looked-my-Legs-Than-My-Midriff---Pooja-HegdeWe usually hear that Prabhas is a shy guy who seldoms opens up when too many people are around. However, Pooja Hegde, his ‘radhe Shyam‘ heroine says that Prabhas isn’t such a shy person. She even said, “I don’t know what he has been telling people.”

With Pooja, Prabhas is very comfortable and chilled out, according to the actress’ recent interview when she said that both Prabhas and Pooja are goofy persons. So, Prabhas is just shy with the people he doesn’t know but very comfortable and chilled out with people who he bonds well with, i.e., his co-stars and friends.

Talking about the obsession of South people to midriffs, Pooja said that she heard about that but personally, she thinks that she would like them to look at her legs more than her midriff. Allu Arjun’s scenes in ‘Ala Vaikunthapurramlo’ have started the discussion on objectifying her legs, but says otherwise.

Pooja says that she talked about the same with trivikram and they have added some scenes to make it clear that looking at a girl’s legs isn’t okay and her later conversations with the hero made sure that she puts her point forward.