Sundeep-Kishan-Tenali-Ramakrishna-BABLBoth the director G Nageshwar Reddy and the hero, Sandeep Kishan seem to be unhappy with the way their movie received mixed reviews, and the critics gave a low rating for their movie ‘Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL‘.

Speaking at a press meet showing their angst for the mixed reviews, Sandeep Kishan said that he didn’t expect anything like 3.5 ratings for his movie and if the critics did that, he would’ve been shocked for that.

He understands that his movie isn’t worthy of a 3.5 rating, but isn’t so bad to rate it so low. Even the director was like, “I didn’t say that I’m making a ‘Shankarabharanam’ or ‘Swathimuthyam’. We said, we’ll give entertainment and that’s what we did.”

He blasted, “Why rating for the laughs? Did I make an award-winning cinema or did I claim that I’m making a movie that is fit for an Oscar?”

Both of them claimed that audiences have been enjoying the movie and even the distributors are happy that their money is coming back. Well, if the distributors are happy, why would anyone have any problem? What do you think?