It seems that Telugu filmmaker Gunasekhar is so taken by acting that she can’t think of anybody but Anushka Shetty for the role of the protagonist in his upcoming period-drama “Rudrama Devi”. In his own words, “I couldn’t think of anyone else but Anushka for the role. I told myself that I would wait until I get to cast her, but fortunately she agreed instantly when I approached her. If it was not for her, this project wouldn’t have started.”

The prestigious project in turn has been produced and directed by Gunasekhar while its art direction has been handled by Thota Tharani along with music by Illayaraja. Gunasekhar went on further to explain his reasons about the casting, “The reason I didn’t want to cast someone else because the audience already accepted Anushka in a period role, and the response she received following her stellar performance in ‘Arundhati’, persuaded me to cast her.”