Dil-Raju-D-Suresh-BabuStar producer Dil Raju has been facing some heat from Tollywood followers for blocking substantially high number of theaters for dubbed film Varasudu while Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy are ok back foot.

When asked about the same, veteran producer Suresh Babu had an interesting comment.

“Everyone is here for his Personal gain. In process, industry may benefit a bit. Obviously, he will work for his film or his hero. I don’t think he is wrong. But he should think of the repercussions here” Suresh Babu said.

There’s an implication that Dil Raju should be wary of the consequences if he goes on to favor his dubbed film over two Telugu biggies coming Sankranthi season.

About the month-long strike Tollywood observed by calling off shoots, Suresh Babu had another interesting take.

“I did not participate in the 30 days Industry strike because I did not believe it will work. But there are people who believed it will work.” The veteran filmmaker said.

About Rana’s big budget period actioner Hiranyakashyala, Suresh Babu said “Hiranyakashyapa will happen but with some other director. The work is happening. It will happen with a very big director”. He confirmed that Gunasekhar is no longer at the helm.

“I have no complaints with partners but I am not being able to make films as I wish. But I will definitely do a film each with Venkatesh and Rana only on Suresh Productions completely on my standard.” He concluded.

Suresh Babu also spoke about Narappa’s theatrical release, marking Venkatesh’s birthday. “Amazon Prime(Narappa’s exclusive OTT partner) graciously agreed for Theatrical release and even refused a share in collections. #Narappa collections will go to a charity now. Along with film copy, there is a gift reel with blockbuster songs of previous Venkatesh films.”