I will not do Radha if it’s a copy -Maruthee

Director Maruthi is once again in the center of controversy over the recently launched film with Venkatesh. Radha was launched with a great fanfare few days ago and it has already created lot of buzz and this buzz has been further highlighted by the controversy attached to the film. Just a day after the film was launched a writer alleged the story of the film has been copied from him.

Maruthi held a press-meet today to clarify on the issue and made it clear it is all a miscommunication and there is nothing that he has copied in Radha. In fact the final version of the story has not yet been narrated to Venkatesh, said the director. Only a line was given to Venkatesh after the actor sensed the potential in me and it is based on this line that the controversy has erupted. When the Writers Association will look into the final script presented by me and compare with the script it’s alleged to e copied from, one will realize that there is no similarity at all in both the scripts.

“I am an original thinker and whatever I have made so far is original. In fact in the past one of my producers asked me to direct a remake of popular Tamil film but I politely declined the offer as I cannot work that way. If tomorrow the writers association feels that the script is copied I won’t do this film because I feel uncomfortable making copied films” clarified the director.