I Will Not Do Chiranjeevi Biopic, but He Can!At ‘Sye Raa’ success meet, Chiranjeevi said that it would better if Sai Dharam Tej or Vaishnav Tej do his biopic as they have more resemblances and mannerisms of their uncle rather than Ram Charan.

But, Sai Tej seems to be holding a different opinion. In an interview for the press media, the mega hero opined that Ram Charan would be better for doing a biopic on megastar. So, he wouldn’t be doing Chiranjeevi‘s biopic.

Actually speaking, the possibility of a biopic on Chiranjeevi might not happen anytime soon as a contemporary’s story is more a known thing and the points of conflicts are far less in Chiranjeevi’s life and career.

If at all, there is a possibility of a biopic and if someone comes up with an engaging script, then would come the question of who would play the megastar’s role in the biopic. As of now, Sai Tej is awaiting ‘Prati Roju Pandage’ release.