I will never forget Madras: ANR

Come Sep 20, Akkineni Nageswara Rao will turn 90. In a recent interview ahead of his birthday, the actor said that when he looks back at his career today, Madras (Chennai) has a very important part in it. He said he will never forget the city because he started his film career here.

He said he came to Madras when he was only 19-year old. ‘I learnt everything about acting here and met some of the legends of Indian cinema here. Even after my death, my soul will not forget Madras”, he said. ANR in his long career has also acted in a few straight Tamil films.

He said that there was no room for having a dubbing artists for an actor back then because it was unnecessary cost for the producer, and therefore, most actors learned the language and used to dub in their own voice.