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I Will Become The CM, Not Rajinikanth

I Will Become The CM, No Rajinikanth - SarathkumarSenior actor Sarathkumar wants to play a more crucial and active role in politics and hence wants to take his party policies forward. Sharat Kumar accepted that all these years he had been a mere shadow of AIADMK as he believed in the able administration of the deceased leader.

Now, things are going to be different. He wants to plunge into action by dedicating more time to politics. He also thinks that he would become the future Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. That looks a bit odd as he has been talking about politics only recently says the social media.

But the actor turned politician didn’t accept that saying his credibility is enough as he didn’t do any wrong to the people of Tamil Nadu. Sarathkumar isn’t interested in taking superstar Rajinikanth’s support as he might take away all the credit from Sarathkumar. Coming to films, ‘Nenorakam’ starring Sai Ram Shankar in the lead and Sarathkumar playing a crucial role released last Friday to mixed talk.