I Was Ready To Rape Her And She Started Crying LoudlyFilming process for actors is not easy. At times they may have to bear certain awkward moments but recounting them later on makes it funny. Now, Celebrated character artiste actor Ajay often seen in a villainous avatar has spoken one such awkward moment he had while filming a rape scene.

“During the shoot of Sri Mahalakshmi starring actor Sri Hari, I was informed about a rape scene. I was instructed by my director Vijayan about the rape scene for which a model was hired. While I was prepping for the scene, I came to know that the model was not informed about it,” recounts Ajay.

The actor further adds, “I too was terrified as the model had no intimation about it. The director was urging me to go ahead with the scene, but I told him how I could. In fact, the model started crying out loudly”. He adds that such scenes were awkward to shoot with 100 crew members around you watching out.

Ajay says that he has played many baddie roles or supporting roles, thankfully he was away from rape scenes in his career. He also spoke about how difficult stunts were back then as the real fight scenes comprised more of than today.