I Was Offered Rs 100 Crore Black Money - Kamal HaasanKamal Haasan says that he was inclined to politics right from the initial days of his career and his father was the first individual to notice those political traits and told him outrightly not to pursue politics. After his political film ‘Virumaandi’, he was even offered Rs 100 crores black money to enter politics.

“But, what will I do with that black money?” He was offered the huge amount when even Rs. 4-5 crores was a big thing and a huge money, back then. But then, he wasn’t ready to enter politics. Now that the Universal star has launched his own political party, he wants to show people that he is a good man as he believes himself to be one.

Speaking about his intentions on ‘Indian 2’, Kamal Hassan revealed that it was he who pushed director Shankar decide to do the sequel for the cult movie ‘Indian’ that was against corruption. It was his political calling that made him to prod the director. Frankly speaking, audiences are more kicked about ‘Indian 2’ than Kamal’s politics.